Before I mention the people who have influenced my learning and practice of hypnotherapy, I would like to say a few words.  Beyond the countless hours of study, practice, and self exploration required to become successful at a profession, there must be an inner force that undeniably draws us to the field, focusing us on helping others.  One needs to have unwavering confidence in what they do; not only in the results they see emanating from people they help, but also in the continual role it plays in their personal lives. 

All of my life, I have been drawn to helping others, whether it was in the customer service sector or the information technology domain. I have always felt best when helping others fix problems.  When I was in the IT field in a large hospital, it felt great to fix someone’s computer and hear the gratitude they felt, because it was one less stress in their daily lives.  However, the more time I spent on the job, the more I realized that people could not attain true well-being by only fixing the material world around them. Inevitably, after their computers were repaired, all the other stresses in their lives would come pouring forward. Unfortunately, I had no specific tools or skills to help people adequately at the time.

Through my work, I was beginning to realize that individuals were naturally drawn to me to confide their problems and ask for my advice, or even vent their frustrations.  It was great to listen and offer advice, but at the same time I felt that I had the potential and passion to do more to help them.  One could say that I felt invigorated or more passionate about life when I thought about the possibility of helping others overcome their obstacles.  Instinctively, I felt a calling towards a profession that would give me the tools needed to help others make long-lasting, positive changes in their lives. 

It was then that I began exploring my options, and made the life-altering decision to become a hypnotherapist.  To me, it was a natural step in my evolution, almost as if I had been waiting my entire life for this to happen. Reflecting back on it now, I can honestly say that it was the best decision I could have ever made.

I have seen first hand the incredible power of positive thinking through my mother’s miraculous recovery from malignant melanoma; I know just how powerful the mind can be when it has the drive to overcome obstacles.  I have been blessed with witnessing many small miracles in my life, and I know that hypnotherapy is an undeniable tool for promoting powerful and positive changes in people’s perceptions of the world around them.

I have studied hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) under Jean-Claude Zekri, a prominent Hypnotherapist for many decades in Montreal, who is also a recognized instructor with the Association des Hypnologues du Quebec, or the Quebec Association of Hypnologists.  With him, I had the opportunity to understand the many uses of hypnosis for therapeutic practice, as well as the ability to integrate concepts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to greatly enhance the experience of change.  I have also had the opportunity to learn and practice the therapeutic benefits of regression therapy.

I have since refined my skills of EFT with the help of Gary Craig.  I have also refined my NLP skills with the mentoring of Dave Thompson, and of course the beautiful amount of literature that Richard Bandler and John Grinder have produced, among other notable figures in the field.  I have also had countless opportunities to exchange with therapists in the same field, such as hypnotherapist John Chu, among others.

Knowledge and practice are key elements in offering others the tools they need to achieve success.  This is why my mission statement is to always remain open to learn from those who have great success.  In turn, it is my duty to offer these learnings to you!

People who have influenced my learning:
Jean-Claude Zekri:
Dave Thompson:
Gary Craig:

The associations I am accredited under:
Association des Hypnologues du Québec:
Canadian Order of Practitioners of Naturopathy and Naturotherapy: