"Patrick's sessions go deeper than the initial area of focus and are tailored towards your needs. As soon as I walked into the office, I felt calm and relaxed and ready to work on myself.  I really appreciate the fact that the techniques that are used during the sessions are comprehensive and very interactive, it makes the experience dynamic.In addition, Patrick equips you with methods that you can use on your own so ultimately you are learning tools that you can use beyond the session. Since I have been attending sessions, I can see a drastic improvement not only in the initial area of focus (sports) but in every aspect of my life.One thing is for sure: you cannot expect to change if you do not want to, however if you are willing to do so, you will learn so much about yourself that you will only be able to move forward."

-Ohini B, Montreal

"With the idea of concentrating on my internal growth, I initially decided to go to Patrick through a referral because I was drawn to the eclectic choice of techniques he uses in his coaching. Patrick tailor-made my experience so that I could develop techniques to ground myself and to address my personal goals, techniques that not only grew out of my own skills and strengths, but matched my world view. Over the past 16 months, I have seen Patrick in clusters of sessions with breaks in between during which I practiced the techniques. The 16 months have been a time of tremendous constructive change in all areas of my life, not only because of some soul-searching decisions I have taken, but because the Universe has presented so many opportunities for me to embrace."

-S.P, Montreal

"I came to Patrick when I knew deep down that I needed to make changes in my life. I was open to honesty and Patrick was the right person for me at the time. Patrick is supportive, honest and clear. He does not tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. His voice has been a guide for me during tough times. Life is basically one thing after the other or as I like to say "Life is a Surprise!" Patrick can help people who are open to learning about how to deal with life, one breath at a time. Thank you Patrick, my life is what it is now because of your help. I chose, and you helped me heal."

-Lorraine C, Montreal

"I went to see Patrick because I was unhappy with my life and where I was heading.  All I could see in front of me was taking care of my mother and becoming her.  I had no sense of who I was and what I wanted. I had allowed others to define who I was.  With Patrick I learned to become more assertive and learned to say no to other people’s needs.  I have rediscovered a sense of self and am beginning to let go of labels that people imposed on me as a child and as an adult.  I am rediscovering (or should I say discovering) who I am and what I want  from life.  With him I was able to get rid of my Vertigo and realized that I was making myself sick to get attention. He provided advice and solutions that are realistic with my life and gave me strategies to help myself.  Patrick is never judgmental; he is a great listener and hears what we are saying.  I have made definite tangible progress.  I continue to see him because I want to be a healthy human being."

-A.M, Montreal

"I went to see Patrick because I had suffered from depression for over 15 years. After couple of sessions of hypnosis, the nostalgia and anxiety were fading and disappearing from my daily life. He taught me and helped me follow my own inner insights and to be able to trust them, practicing every day all what I have learned during those sessions. Afterward, we have worked together to improve some other subjects as procrastination, relationship issues, and some others personal fears (heights, being alone, to approach someone, etc). I have grown as an individual, mentally and spiritually, my big goal is to be a better person everyday and have my life full of happiness. I have learned that; the better you feel about yourself, the easier are all things and situations in your surroundings. Thank you Patrick, God bless you for being such a wonderful guide, and support in my life, and in others people lives."

- Dariela R, Montreal

"I went into the session with Patrick not sure what to expect. I found him to be professional and organized. He introduced his methodology to me and then demonstrated it using examples from my own life. In a very short period of time I had worked on understanding the meaning of the negative voice inside my head, and learned ways of turning it into a more constructive tool for change. I was then introduced to ways in which to use visualization techniques to confront uncomfortable and recurring memories, in a way that would allow for healing and learning to take place, in an effort to release the memory. I furthermore learned the importance of focus and motivation not only in an effort to improve my life in general, but also just as a necessary step in my healing journey. What I appreciated most was Patrick's determination not to get side-tracked into insignificant details, but to focus on most important aspects. I left with a great sense of accomplishment and a number of tools that I have since been successfully applying in my life, making my every-day healing journey an exciting and wonderful experience, as opposed to an ominous, frightful one, which it had been before meeting with Patrick. I am looking forward to more sessions with him."

- Alex B, Montreal

"Patrick is a unique human being, I started seeing Patrick for an anxiety and low self esteem problem that I had. Unlike others I was a unique human being too, but in the "bad" way. I did not want to improve. Patrick showed me how this "system" worked and gave me the tools needed to solve this problem. he also improved my inner dialogue and made me aware of my own power that I had and that I wasn't aware of. This is not positive thinking rather than seeing a problem for what it really is and how you are creating it, and most
importantly how you can STOP creating it. "

- Anonymous, Montreal

"I began seeing Patrick a few months ago, initially because of issues with my weight. However, he quickly led me to realize that the deeper issues had absolutely nothing to do with my relationship with food. Since that time, I have lost 50 lbs. More importantly though, I have become a much more independent person and a much happier person. Through our work together, I feel that I am becoming an empowered and whole human being, and this is all due to Patrick's exceptional guidance as a therapist and as a coach. With his compassion and skill, he has created a safe environment for me to make many far-reaching and wonderful changes in my life. I have a lot of gratitude for everything that he has done and look forward to our future work together."

- Natalie W, Montreal

"After just one session with Patrick, I have seen a remarkable improvement in the habits I wish to improve—enough for others to notice.   Working with Patrick is a pleasure.  He is both very professional and empathetic.  I was impressed at his level of commitment and energy during our session.  I look forward to working with him during future sessions."

- Robert T, Montreal

"I went to my first session with Patrick to improve my self-confidence. We worked with different techniques to achieve my main goal. There were many moments where I couldn't help but be amazed. Patrick is an excellent therapist and after the session I felt like a million dollars. I now have the tools to continue improving on my goal, which is something I didn't have before going to see him. I will be definitely going back for more sessions. Thank you Patrick."

- Andreea T, Montreal

"When looking for a job, the simple act of sending a CV was an incredibly draining experience for me.
With the help of Patrick, It is now so much easier to take the appropriate steps in my job search. I have since found it quite easy to send out multiple CV’s, and already have two job interviews lined up!"

- Yves G, Montreal

"I had a fear of heights after I took a nasty fall off a roof in 1998, and since then it has hampered my life. Patrick sat me down for a session that lasted 10 minutes and it helped me immediately with my problem. The next day I tested myself and found out that I no longer was apprehensive about heights, wow, what a difference! I can now function at work (as a crane operator) much better than before. Thank you so much!"

- Dave D, Ile Bizard

"Thank you Patrick for your great job. I learned a lot through my past life regression. It made me discover so many things about myself and to reconsider some decisions I have made in the past. What I appreciate the
most is the long term effect of the sessions. Thank you a lot of your help!"

- Ingi A. Z, Montreal

“En quelques minutes Patrick Luce à sut me rendre un grand service, celui de pouvoir me rendre Zen à volonté et ce en quelques secondes. Grâce à cet outil, il m'est plus facile de faire face aux situations fort stressante du métier d'électromécanicien.”

- Benoit L, Longueil

"My name is Antonio, and I have a compulsive gambling problem.  I have been following hypnotherapy sessions with Patrick for several weeks.  I am extremely content with the work he’s done with me, and I now find myself able to stop the overwhelming gambling urges that I used to have.  I followed all of Patrick’s techniques and up until now, they’ve all worked wonders for me.  I thank you a thousand times over Patrick!"

- Antonio R, Montreal

"I was a little apprehensive about being hypnotized since I had a pretty skewed perception about the whole thing.  I thought it would be similar to stage hypnosis -you know when you imagine somebody dangling something in front of your eyes and saying "you're getting very sleepy", and then suddenly you have no control over your actions and are being programmed to do ridiculous things.  Of course, my experience with Patrick was nothing like that.  I felt extremely relaxed  and at ease the whole time, and realized that hypnotherapy has a lot to do with visualization and your ability to look inside yourself for answers.  I wasn't doing a session for a specific purpose other than to feel energized and stress-free, and I came out feeling really great!   Patrick has a real knack for this profession. I loved my experience and will definitely be doing it again.  Next time I plan to conquer some particular issues."

- Ashley G, South Shore

"My professional role was changing and I was going to have to begin doing public speaking.  I didn't feel afraid, but I was blocked. When I would think of speaking in front of others I just went blank. In my first session with Patrick,  he helped me shift things to the point where I was so motivated to speak I had to give him the talk I was planning. I had so many ideas, it all came out naturally and I know how to get backthere.  Can't wait to see what else we can achieve! Thanks Patrick!"

- Dave T, Montreal