Regression Therapy: A Quick Look

Regression therapy, also called past-life regression, allows individuals to access the root cause of certain issues or troubles by exploring the idea that an overlooked event in our lives, or in a past life, holds the answers to whatever issues we may be struggling with in the here and now.  This allows individuals to access resources that are normally beyond their everyday conscious abilities, and tap into the powerful, creative, and therapeutic abilities of the subconscious mind.  These issues may vary greatly, from phobias and anger issues, to insomnia and relationship problems, to many other issues that may seem quite logically unsolvable to individuals in their daily lives.

Typically, people associate regression therapy with past-life regression, as seen recently on Oprah with Dr.Oz and regression therapist Dr. Weiss.  Regression therapy, however, can be much more than just past lives.  In my personal experience performing regression therapy, I have worked with people who have had many unique experiences, such as experiencing a connection with a divine force in the universe, vivid past lives, lives as animals, becoming an abstract energy force, reliving events in their childhood and in the womb, and becoming a fictional comic book character.  The point is that we should not underestimate the power of the subconscious mind to create the perfect learning scenario for us to overcome our fears, bad habits, and overwhelming thoughts.

Belief and personal experience are the true wonders of regression therapy.  As a therapist, I use regression therapy as a guiding tool to access an individual’s inner desire to change something in their life.  It is not important whether or not past lives exist, or if there is truly a divine force in the universe that guides us.  What is important is that I respect everyone’s unique beliefs and experiences, and that they in turn trust in their own intuitions.

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