Take a 15 minute break for your mind!

I made this recording as a gift to clients and friends. It is short and sweet, lasting about 15 minutes, and is meant to be more of a light meditation rather than a deep trance. Its purpose is to help you feel a little happier and more resourceful at any time of the day or night.  I thought you may appreciate a little mental break to help super-charge the positive feelings we sometimes tend to forget. Listen to this recording in the morning before work,  at night after a stressful day, or even during your lunch break, and have a wonderful time relaxing your mind and feeling good while doing it!

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The free audio track I used for background music is by Charles Vlad.

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Enter into a heightened sense of healing and awareness with this free audio session.

I made this hypnosis session as a free gift to help my clients, and potential clients, understand and practice the ability to enter a peaceful and guided state of inner awareness, and to have some hands-on experience with hypnotherapy. This recording is meant to offer a very general and wide range of healing benefits. It is not meant to be a cure-all or a definite model of hypnosis; rather, I hope that people may appreciate the power and possibility that this resource has to offer. Just sit back, relax, and let my voice guide you.

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This audio session is over 22 minutes long and should only be done in a safe, relaxing area that requires none of your attention. The file is also quite large (over 10 Mb) and has been reduced slightly in quality to accommodate faster downloading.


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