Coaching, coupled with Hypnosis, is one of the most powerful and rapid tools for positive change available.

If you are in need of some personal/professional growth and insight, I can bring you quick and lasting results, often in a very short period of time.

Here’s a partial list of things I can help you with:

- Increase calmness and well being
- Improve abundance in your life
- Improve your sports performance
- Create new habits
- Improve your self-image
- Boost confidence
- Clarify events
- Improve relationships
- Increase creativity
- Increase concentration and productivity
- Learn time management and future planning skills
- Improve learning stratigies and increase test results

There are many people offering coaching and hypnotherapy in Montreal. Invest in my services, and this is how I can help, in three words:

I get results.

Take a look at my collection of testimonials for proof.

My Montreal office is located in Westmount beside Atwater metro.

Email me at or call 514-586-HEAL for more information. Please leave your name, number, and the best time to contact you, along with any questions you may have.


Patrick Luce

Experience the results!
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"I went to my first session with Patrick to improve my self-confidence. We worked with different techniques to achieve my main goal. There were many moments where I couldn't help but be amazed. Patrick is an excellent therapist and after the session I felt like a million dollars. I now have the tools to continue improving on my goal, which is something I didn't have before going to see him. I will be definitely going back for more sessions. Thank you Patrick."

- Andreea T, Montreal